1st Faistos Fencing Camp

ALM MESSARAS welcomes you to the 1st Faistos Fencing Camp, where you will be able to enjoy fencing at the wonderful areas of South Crete!
Faistos Fencing Camp is designed for fencers of all levels – beginners, intermediate and elite- 13 years old or older, for all the 3 weapons (epee, foil, sabre).
For the first 5 days, the participants will have the chance to enjoy their mornings through various activities, like Shooting, Archery, Beach Volley, Hiking & Climbing, Yoga and Boat Trip. Moreover, they will be able to attend a First Aid Seminar. All the activities, will be under the authority of Professionals, a fact that guarantees safety.
The well experienced coaches Foustanakis Dimitris & Xagoraraki Fani will have their time during the evenings! Full fencing training, under a safe environment and the proper facilities, in the ‘Municipal Swimming Pool’ at Moires. More coaches from different countries are going to contribute to the whole procedure (more info to be announced!). The classes will be accessible for athletes who speak the Greek or the English language.
The last 2 days, will be for The 10th Faistos Cup! The detailed information about the categories that will take part will be announced in the next 2 months.
The 1st Faistos Fencing Camp will take place from 22nd to 28th of June of 2020 in Crete, Greece.
About the accommodation of the athletes, “Studios Paradise – Holidays In South Crete” is able to offer a unique experience to all the participants of the camp!
More information about the Camp and the Cup, are going to be announced, in the following days!
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us through Facebook page, e-mail address Faistossummerfencingcamp@gmail.com or wed site.
See you with your Mask!!